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by Patricia Hughes

So many of us ask, How can this be happening? How did love turn into abuse and violence? These are the questions that Patricia Hughes, renowned author of Daughters of Nazareth, continually asked herself. Like so many women, she stayed in an abusive relationship.



As I stepped over smashed crockery, broken glass, pools of milk, juice and water in my kitchen, I felt a surge of anger and recalled the pain of the many black eyes, cut lips, and broken bones that Michael had inflicted on me, and I thought, ENOUGH.

is a story rarely told, and she tells it without self-pity, sentimentality or blind anger. Overcoming huge hurdles Patricia Hughes provides the reader with an honest account of all the ups and downs she encountered. Enough is both an inspirational story and a first hand guide for any woman in an abusive relationship.

This is an articulate, thoughtful, accessible look at the phenomenon of violence ... This sympathetic first-hand account of finding life after abuse is destined to help all those who find themselves in a similar position. Shaunagh O'Connor, Herald Sun

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