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                                                           Book of the Week


Unmaking War Remaking Men : How Empathy Can Reshape Our Politics, Our Soldiers and Ourselves

by Kathleen Barry

Chosen as our 'Book of the Week' for as we approach Anzac Day 2015 and the myths  that accompany its commemoration, the words of Kathleen Barry come to mind.

Kathleen Barry asks:
 "What would it take to unmake war?" In her book she scrutinizes the demilitarized state of Costa Rica and compares its claims of peace with its high rate of violence against women. She then turns to the urgent problem of how might men remake themselves by unmaking masculinity. She offers models for a new masculinity drawing on the experiences of men who have resisted war and have in turn transformed their lives into a new kind of humanity; into a place where the value of being human counts.

In Unmaking War, Remaking Men, Kathleen Barry explores soldiers' experiences through a politics of empathy. By revealing how men’s lives are made expendable for combat, she shows how military training drives to them kill without thinking and without remorse, only to suffer both trauma and loss of their own souls. With the politics of empathy, she sheds new light on the experiences of those who are invaded and occupied and shows how resistance rises among them.

And what of the state leaders and the generals who make war? In 2001, a fateful year for the world, George W. Bush became President of the US; Ariel Sharon became Prime Minister of Israel; and Osama bin Laden became the de facto world terrorist leader. Analyzing their leadership and failure of empathy, Unmaking War, Remaking Men reveals a common psychopathology of those driven to ongoing war, first making enemies, then labeling them as terrorists or infidels.

With the courageous vision, scrupulous scholarship, and heartfelt writing that has illumined her books on female sexual slavery, Kathleen Barry here focuses her laser-like intelligence on violence, militarism, and core masculinity. Unmaking War, Remaking Men makes the connections that could save us all. Ignore it at your peril. - Robin Morgan

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