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                                          Book of the Week

Not For Sale: Feminists Resisting Prostitution And Pornography

Christine Stark & Rebecca Whisnant (eds.)


A 1985 Canadian report on the sex industry in that country reported that women in prostitution suffer a mortality-rate forty times the national average. –Sheila Jeffreys

As an activist, I explain that I’m not against sex and nudity but that women do more than just have sex … whether it’s Vogue, or pornography or beer ads – the message is that women get power through our sexuality and this is how women excel. –Ann Simonton

Fundamentally, the baseline for human governance – now and in the future – must be whether any society takes seriously what happens when someone is harmed so that someone else can have ‘sex’. –John Stoltenberg

This international anthology brings together research, heartbreaking personal stories from survivors of the sex industry, and theory from over thirty women and men – activists, survivors, academics and journalists. Not For Sale is groundbreaking in its breadth, analysis and honesty.

Stark and Whisnant have put together an impressive array of experiences across race and culture and economic status, which makes the essays fresh…Not For Sale can be read as an introduction to feminist politics as well as an advanced theoretical discourse because the truth is simple and breaking down one wall means that there is more to see and think about and build together.

Laura Newland, Off Our Backs

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