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                                          Book of the Week

Angels of Power and other reproductive creations

edited by Susan Hawthorne and Renate Klein

Angels of Power was the very first book published by Spinifex 25 years ago.
Chosen as our 'Book of the Week' because one of the amazing contributors Carmel Bird has just been named the winner of the $20,000 Patrick White Literary Award for 2016. Well done Carmel!

In the tradition of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, the writers rework images of the body. Imagination, vision and a sense of the absurd come together and demonstrate that women can resist the power of god-like scientists who long to create monsters and angels.

Carmel's chapter is called: Everything is Ova, Dr God.
A story we once thought was fiction.

Once upon a time there lived a king and queen who longed for children but had none. One day when the queen was bathing, a frog jumped out of the water and said: 'Your wish will soon be granted and you will have a daughter.' 

'If you eat these delicious little cakes dusted with clomiphene salt, you will produce an abnormal number of eggs. And i will do the rest,' said Doctor God.

The queen lies as still as death, her head turned to one side, her eyes taped closed, her mouth filled with tubes which carry the aneasthetic gases to her lungs. A frog makes three small cuts in her belly and inserts three instruments. And another frog uses a foot pedal to pump carbon dioxide gas into her belly, blowing it up to make it easier for them to collect the eggs.

'This is more fun than robbing birds' nests.'
'Keep your mind on the job will you. There's no time to waste. A fresh semen sample has been obtained by masturbation. We need these eggs for insemination...'

Carmel Bird.

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