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                                                           Book of the Week


Making Sex Work : A Failed Experiment With Legalised Prostitution

by Mary Lucille Sullivan

This week's Book of the Week has been chosen to highlight the abuses that women suffer in prostitution and why the institution must be abolished. A media report claims that in October 2013 a woman was found hidden in the wall of a brothel in Seaford, an outer suburb of Melbourne. The Chinese sex worker discovered in the wall cavity was on a tourist visa, which meant she wasn't allowed to work. Sergeant Farrelly said the cavity had no light, or ventilation and could be locked from the inside only. The woman has been deported.

This appalling case raises fresh concerns about Victoria's sex industry and comes after the federal police revealed they are investigating a record number of human trafficking cases across the nation.

In 1984, the State of Victoria legalised prostitution. Sex worker advocates had argued for years that legalisation was the way to make the industry safer both for workers and clients. This experimentation with legalisation has obviously failed.

Making Sex Work shows with great clarity that the legalisation of prostitution backfires. It further hurts prostituted people and as this current case illustrates, encourages illegal sex industry activities that grow at three times the rate of the legal industry. 





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