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                                          Book of the Week

As federal parliament concludes for the year and current affairs programs take time off for the festive season it is natural to think about holidays - sunbathing, swimming or even camping.


In Limen by Susan Hawthorne when two women and a dog set off on a holiday they have no inkling of what’s to come.

They wake to find the river has crept up silently during the night. Trapped by floodwater, they devise escape routes only to be faced with more obstacles at every turn.

Only the dog remains calm.

This novella grips you with its language, its pace, its anxieties.

Limen is more than just a story of about the northern Queensland wilderness. … The space, where the two women and the dog are at once freed and imprisoned by the wilderness, is a space where they are either about to exist or not. They are part of no human society; they are constrained by no rules. For the space of nine days, they are merely together, present as the cormorant or the kookaburra is present in the landscape.

Sarah Brooks, Sinister Wisdom

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