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Sent on: 28-Jul-2017

Spinifex Press Newsletter
July 2017
Welcome to The Spin newsletter coming to you from Spinifex Press, the award-winning independent feminist press. This July edition brings our latest news, book reviews, new releases and events.

Release for July


Ann Hannah, My (Un)Remarkable Grandmother: A Psychological Biography

by Betty McLellan

Written with a sharp feminist consciousness that displays both compassion and intellect, this astute psychological biography tells the story of a resilient woman and provides invaluable insight into the realities of many (un)remarkable women who have fashioned meaningful lives out of circumstances beyond their control.

This book is guaranteed to generate the most fascinating conversations about grandmothers. Betty McLellan, psychotherapist and feminist activist, brings experience and insight to this vital work of unearthing. In this calm, strong biography, Ann Hannah is thoughtfully brought to life for us. This tender provocation of a book prompts us to pay profound attention to our ‘unremarkable’ grandmothers – to take the time to remark upon, and value, the women’s history embedded in their unrecorded lives. — Gina Mercer, author of Parachute Silk: Friends, Food, Passion – A Novel in Letters

Forthcoming releases for August


Dark Matters: A novel

by Susan Hawthorne

In a dawn raid, Kate is arrested. She is imprisoned, beaten, kept awake and tortured. She has no idea what has happened to her partner, Mercedes. The uncertainty plagues her. It is as if she has no history. Trying to retain her sense of self in a swirling psychic state, she invents stories. And she remembers stories of her mother, her grandmothers and aunts, the rich mythic traditions of Greece. She rearranges them and writes poems in her head. Susan Hawthorne’s dark story uncovers the hidden histories of organised violence against lesbians. She traces fear and uncertainty, and finds a narrative of resilience created through the writing of poems. The author asks: how do we pass on stories hidden by both shame and resistance to shame? A novel that is poetic and terrifying.


Accidents of Composition

by Merlinda Bobis

In her latest collection of poetry, award-winning author Merlinda Bobis traces the accidents of art and life. Drawing on the journal of Pigafetta whose writings have become an accident of history, Merlinda Bobis composes with an attuned ear and her poems are rich with imagery; with breath and heart.

In these troubled times tainted with fear, hate, and despair, ‘there is hope for us,’ the poems assure us. In them I hear an exquisite polyphony of voices: passionate and poised, sensuous and serene, lyrical and philosophical. Like incantations, these poems ask to be read and heard aloud.— Subhash Jaireth

Book Reviews

Lady of the Realm

by Hoa Pham

The perspective is female and Buddhist, and all that Lien desires is lasting peace, which she seems doomed never to experience. The story of the 2009 destruction of the Prajna Monastery is particularly surprising and saddening. — Kerryn Goldsworthy, Sydney Morning Herald


Surviving Peace: A Political Memoir

by Olivera Simić

Surviving Peace es la historia de coraje de una mujer que se hace eco de las historias de millones de personas cuyas vidas han sido desplazadas por la guerra. Un libro que nos recuerda que una vez que el último disparo suena y la última bomba cae, el nuevo desafío es sobrevivir a la paz.Las Políticas de la memoria

Book launches

Lady of the Realm
will be launched by Alice Pung, award-winning writer, journalist and essayist at Readings Bookshop, Carlton
Wednesday, 02-Aug-2017 6:30 pm

Betty McLellan's  Ann Hannah, My (Un)Remarkable Grandmother: A Psychological Biography will be launched in Townsville

August 17 at 5.30 PM
Mary Who? Bookshop
414 Flinders St, Townsville

Author events

Sandy Jeffs, author of Poems from the Madhouse (1993), Blood Relations (2000), The Wings of Angels: A memoir of madness (2004), and The Mad Poet’s Tea Party (2015) is taking part in 'Outlandisharts: Fool's Gold Performance' at Contemporary Galleries, Lower level 2, Art Gallery, NSW.

Artists, Colin Hambrook, Sandy Jeffs, Pony Horseman and Louise Kate Anderson, will devise an experimental 45-minute art and poetry performance around issues of mental health and well-being, followed by an artist Q&A.

Khulud khamis author of Haifa Fragments is a guest at the 2017 Greenbelt Festival held in the UK. Greenbelt is a festival of arts, faith and justice and is on 25-28 August. In addition to a book reading, she'll be taking part in The Red Tent. According to khulud, "the red tent will be a place of refuge, a place of honesty, a place of fun and empowerment. And it will be hosted by a group of great Greenbelt women."

But Haifa Fragments is a special book, a novel set as the title suggests in Haifa, a city where I spent time a while back, on a subject that has been dear to my heart for over a quarter of a century.—Sara Dowse


Accidents of Composition by award-winning author Merlinda Bobis

 Merlinda Bobis has a new book of poetry due for release in August. Her events include:
 Byron Bay Writers Festival, 4-6 August
 Reading, Poetry at the House, ANU 9 August
 Bendigo Writers Festival, 11-12 August
 Launch of Wollongong Writers Festival with in-conversation with Caroline Baum 16-18  August


Best Regards,
Spinifex Press Staff

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Dark Matters : A novel

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In a dawn raid, Kate is arrested. She is imprisoned, beaten, kept awake and tortured. She has no idea what has happened...

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