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All Reviews - The Pimping of Prostitution
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The book contains an impressive level of detail that is frequently based on interviews with those directly involved in the sex trade. The Pimping of Prostitution provides a refreshing contrast to the highly conjectural and half-baked assertions that are prominent in much of the existing literature on prostitution. It is a powerful, provocative, and highly original text, which will no doubt add some impetus to the growing abolitionist movement, and may even encourage the less doctrinaire members of the pro-prostitution group to reflect on their position critically. I believe that this book should be widely recommended and made available to students since it would at least help them to develop a more balanced view of these highly contestedissues.
Roger Matthews, Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence
The Pimping of Prostitution is the most comprehensive account of the politics of the sex trade I have ever read. It goes well beyond raging at the crimes perpetrated against women and girls, although there is a great deal of justified rage at the heart of this book. It is a thorough refutation of the myths peddled by the pro-prostitution lobby.
Louise Perry, Feminist Current

This book is comprehensive, authoritative, personally revealing, and a clear headed rage against a tide of modern double think. It will help feminism untangle itself from all the knots of faux progressiveness about prostitution, which is repackaging sexual abuse as empowerment. Bindel is a fearless, uncompromising voice who deserves to be universally heard.

Janice Turner, Times Newspaper columnist
Julie Bindel knows violence against women when she sees it. In this amazing investigative book, she manages to break through the mist and exposes the realities of how the sex trade actually works - and who it benefits.


Nimco Ali, activist and writer

A profoundly impressive piece of reporting and polemic into a commercial industry. You may love Bindel’s work, you may profoundly disagree with it. But it will never leave you indifferent, and it will always make you question, which is why there should be more of it.

Rose George, Author and journalist

Julie Bindel shatters the myths, misconceptions and outright lies about the buying and selling of women’s bodies for sex. Her research into this devastating human rights violation against women and girls worldwide is powerful, profound and most important of all, irrefutable. It is the most thorough analysis of prostitution I have ever read!

Victor Malarek, author of 'The Natashas: Inside the Global Sex Trade', and 'The Johns, Sex for Sale and the Men who Buy it'.
Bold, brilliant and brave. This is Julie Bindel at her best, demolishing the myths around prostitution and asking us to listen to survivors, the women and men who know the ugly reality first-hand.
Joan Smith, author of 'Misogynies'
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Renate Klein

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