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All Reviews - Haifa Fragments
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With her debut novel Haifa Fragments, Palestinian Slovakian writer khulud khamis pens a compulsive narrative that examines the complex of nationality, gender, sexuality, religion and culture in Palestine.
Peter Cherry, The Electronic Intifada
Haifa Fragments is not really an activist novel. Not at all. It’s a series of beautifully sketched love stories...But etched through these love stories are also arguments around politics, nationalism and injustice.
Amanda Hickey, Verity La
The work is contemporary and those who are familiar with the political background would be able to place events that are alluded to, but this vibrant novel is completely open to those with little or no knowledge of Palestinian history.
Selma Dabbagh, Mascara Literary Review
Haifa Fragments is a book of hope, delusion, and pain; it is a most welcome addition to Palestinian literature, especially as it sheds light on subjects often considered taboo. It must be read by anyone who wants to understand the social and cultural mechanism of a fragmented society that lives under several layers of oppression, both old and new.
Mahmoud Muna, This Week in Palestine
Haifa Fragments is a new novel by Khulud Khamis that explores the life of a Palestinian citizen of Israel who refuses to be crushed by the feeling that she is an unwelcome guest in the land of her ancestors.
Chris Brazier, New Internationalist Magazine
Although the novel is low-key and subtle when it comes to conflict, one anticipates danger at every turn of the page, as if there were a ticking time bomb in the background waiting to explode and implode on all the characters’ lives.
Rana Asfour, Bookfabulous
Khamis offers no easy answers but her focus on the shared humanity of Christians, Jews and Muslims in the region is compelling.
Lucy Popescu, The Independent
Whilst the narrative doesn’t shy away from a discussion of the misery of the condition of Palestinians living in poverty on the West Bank, it approaches the lives of the characters in a positive way and enables them to achieve positive outcomes in their work and personal lives.
Anna Couani, Rochford Street Review
But Haifa Fragments is a special book, a novel set as the title suggests in Haifa, a city where I spent time a while back, on a subject that has been dear to my heart for over a quarter of a century.
Sara Dowse
Khamis is able to tell a narrative combining continuing anger over the past and present treatment of Arabs by Israelis with a story of Jew and Arab friendship.
M.D.Brady, Me, You, and Books

khulud khamis unpacks the multiple layers of culture, religion, sexuality, politics, feminism and nationalism in the hope of gathering the fragmented pieces of the past and reclaiming the lost contiguity of being Palestinian.


Samah Sabawi, Palestinian playwright and commentator


khulud gives us a chance to live beyond ourselves, to say exiled words so our very lips form new possibilities … A most important work, one that will change every reader.

Joan Nestle, author of A Restricted Country

A beautiful story of intertwined cultures and relationships with the rhythm of hope, mixed with the creative drive for life, justice, meaning and love. 

Alex Nissen, feminist peace activist

khulud khamis has the rare gift of speaking directly to a readers soul: her language is lyrical and wise.

Sharon Olinka, author of The Good City
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Renate Klein

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