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A brave woman steps out from Ireland’s dark side and gives a clear-eyed account of the violence that is prostitution.
Susan McKay, former Chief Executive of the National Women’s Council of Ireland
Rachel Moran has wrought out of the depravity of the ‘prostitution experience’ an inspirational and brilliant memoir. Courageous and tender; ultimately her story is a searing indictment of men who buy sex. 
Kathleen Barry, author of 'Female Sexual Slavery', 'The Prostitution of Sexuality' and 'Unmaking War, Remaking Men'
An unprecedented testimony - brave, powerful and convincing.
Theo Dorgan, Irish broadcaster and poet
An eloquent and affecting memoir.
Thuy On, The Age
...I am so struck by this powerful and deeply moving book... Donal Dorr, Act to Prevent Trafficking
There’s nothing titillating about Rachel Moran’s deep reflection on her time as a prostituted woman. Moran – making good use of the sociology degree – draws some deep conclusions as to the psychological impact of what she terms as years of sexual abuse.
Lauren Cook, Welloflostplots
You'll laugh, cry and become enraged as you read this clearly difficult-to-pen memoir, as she details her endurance of substance, physical and mental abuse, extreme poverty, great loss and loneliness.
Felicity Kirkpatrick, The Examiner
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