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Australian Women's Writing
Dale Spender (ed.)

Australia has a rich tradition of women's writing. From convict Margaret Catchpole and farmer Elizabeth Macarthur in the late eighteenth century to Germaine Greer's landmark book, The Female Eunuch. Australian Women's Writing is a comprehensive collection of the work of thirty-seven Australian women writers between 1790 and 1970. Writers include Faith Bandler, Barbara Baynton, Miles...

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Between the Lines
Bernice Morris

It has been claimed that no one was hurt by the Petrov affair. This book tells another story. Among them was Bernice Morris, who draws on letters and ASIO documents to expose the devastating consequences of security services interventions. Writing of the 1950s, Bernice Morris observes: The victimization of progressives and the sustained attack on communists that took...

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China For Women
Anna Gertslacher & Margit Miosga (eds.)

From the Palaeolithic to the present, Chinese women have held up half the sky. Today they work as architects, soldiers, physicians and fruit growers, and some have travelled the Yangzi rapids in a rubber raft. China for Women is the perfect guide for tourist or armchair travellers. It neatly bridges past and present and brings to life the complex culture and history of China. From the silk...

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Haifa Fragments
khulud khamis

Jewellery designer Maisoon wants an ordinary extraordinary life, which isn’t easy for a tradition-defying, activist, Palestinian citizen of Israel who refuses to be crushed by the feeling of being an unwelcome guest in the land of her ancestors. Frustrated by the apathy of her boyfriend Ziyad and her father Majid—who want her to get on with her life and forget those in the Occupied...

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Dark Matter

Dark Matter

Robin Morgan

I‘ve had me up my sleeve
I‘ve pulled me from my hat
I’ve planted myself in the audience
as the patsy I dare to decipher...



Renate Klein

   Pared down to cold hard facts, surrogacy is the commissioning/buying/ renting of a woman into whose womb an embryo is...

The Pimping of Prostitution

The Pimping of Prostitution

Julie Bindel

This book examines one of the most contested issues facing feminists, human rights activists and governments around the...

I'm the Girl Who Was Raped

I'm the Girl Who Was Raped

Michelle Hattingh

I am the statistic that I read about. I am the thing I always feared most. I am rape.

That morning, Michelle had...

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