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Main : animals, anthology, autobiography, dogs

ISBN: 9781876756109
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210 x 210 mm
208 pp
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A Girl's Best Friend: The Meaning Of Dogs In Women's Lives
Jan Fook, Renate Klein (eds.)

The best-selling book that started the series exploring the significance of animals in women’s lives.  Eighty-six women and girls from all across the globe contributed to this beautiful collection of stories, letters, poems and photographs, sharing the funny, sad and amazing tales of their relationships with dogs.  Readers will cry and laugh as they enjoy this homage to their best friends: dogs they’ve grown up with; dogs with incredible character; dogs who’ve changed – even saved – women’s lives.


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Finally, a dog book to recommend unequivocally.
Debra Adelaide, Sydney Morning Herald

If you are a dog owner, you cannot help but bask in the supreme feeling of justice that these wonderful creatures have finally received the recognition they deserve.  Don’t expect a ‘cute’ girl-dog book; the pages capture enticing and real experiences between women and their pets.

Conscious Living

This is the perfect present for every dog lover.


Table of Contents



Section One Growing Up with Dogs 1

Kate Munro Sibling Rivalry with a Labrador 

Jeanne Daly Sonja 

Hannah Jones Max and Molly 

Melinda Tankard Reist Jazza, Monte, Ripper and Little Dog 

Lesley-Caron Veater Rex 

Carolyne Bruyn Every One of Them 

Susan Hawthorne Little River and the Big River 

Clare Healy My Puppies 

Judy Horacek 

Patricia Sykes Leash 

Penny Jones Emma 

Carol J. Adams Cyrano de Dogge 

Section Two Ways of Being with Dogs 

Renate Klein My Baci Dog — A Love Letter 

Katharine Coles Confusion 

Mandira Sen Sublime Beings 

Anne Beech Talking Toby 

Trudy Griggs Irreconcilable Differences 

Coral Hull Landscape Photography with Dogs 44 Dogs and Gods 45

Finola Moorhead The Dog Trainer 

Susanne Kappeler Django 

Tara Middleton To Kill a Mockingbird: Something Too Precious 

Regula Langemann and Suna Yamaner Ayla, the Fur Person 

Susan Rhind Kuri 

Meg Lees Nipa 

Angelika Aliti Sully’s Eyes 

Cristina Biaggi First There Were Four 

Suniti Namjoshi Entente Cordiale 

Sue Barber Pipi 

Miriel Lenore the visitor 

Suzanne Bellamy Thelma 

Section Three The Dog of My Life 

Kaye Moseley Nina 

Claire Warren Gypsy 

Doris Kartinyeri My Wonder Dog 

Karen Lane My Life with Marx 

Eileen Bailey-Styles Hector 

Janice Raymond Cassiopeia: Queen of the Night Sky 

Bette Guymer My Prince

Donna Jackson Bad Dog 

Eloise Klein Healy For Holly 

Billie Hamilton Smith My Dog ‘Pluto’ 

Robyn Rowland ‘Here’s Looking at You, Babe’ 

Laurel Guymer Maxi and Me 

Christine Morley Bonnie 

Titi Chartay Toots

Section Four Dogs and Home Life

Lynda Birke and Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes Of Doggies, Mud and Housework

Pia Cameron-Szirom Fun in the Tub 

Felicity Thyer Friends 

Bronwyn Simmons Thank You to a Dog 

Kathryn Crofts Tipsy 

Penny Crofts Connecting Family, Connecting Friends 

Barbara Mathews My Granddog Tipsy 

Terry Wolverton Requiem 

Julie Daws The Canine Clown 

Judy Barber Jim and Friends 

Louise Allison Alice and Rupert and Dianne and Louise 

Pauline Meemeduma A Suitable Girl Becomes a Suitable Boy 

Dai Le At the End of the Day . . . 

Powhiri Rika-Heke Her Father to a ‘T’ 

Barbara Palmer and Kay Graham Bunny the Stringybark Farm Dog 

Kristin Headlam In Bed With the Animals 

Section Five Dogs Who Make a Difference 

Belinda Morris My Hairy Little Saviour 

Barbara Heinzius and Martina Love Me, Love My Dog! 

Sandy Jeffs The Adoration of the Dog’s Eye 

Lyn Zboril Lyn and Ralphie 

Emily Ballou My Poet 

Kiersten Coulter The Zorya 

Libby Hotchin Finn and Me 

Elizabeth Diane (Judy) Kelly The Story of Buffy: A Small Dog 

Delanie Woodlock smile forms in the place of scars 

Ursula Blattman Branka 

Sandi Hall Home Comforts 

Shannon-Caroline Taylor Memories of Love Honoured 

Section Six The Dogs of Our Lives 

Moira Rayner Good Dogs, Heaven and Me 

Rose Zwi A Tale of Two Dogs 

Cathie Dunsford Watch Out for Falling Apples in the Garden

Alison McMichael Dogs I Have Loved 

Kirstie Murdoch and Rye Senjen Haikus for Cassis 

Anne Coombs Dog Spirits 

Susan Varga Women and Their Dogs 

Diana Mummé Terrier Woman 

Sherron Dunbar Monkey and Other 

Barbie Burton Angel 

Jan Fook The Dogs of My Life

Judy Horacek 


Photographic Credits 

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