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Main : animals, anthology, autobiography, cats

ISBN: 9781876756376
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210 x 210 mm
217 pp
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Cat Tales: The Meaning Of Cats In Women's Lives
Jan Fook, Renate Klein, Susan Hawthorne (eds.)

A sister volume to the internationally successful A Girl's Best Friend, this book explores the relationships between women and their cats- or more aptly, cats and their women.

There are cats of all colours and sizes - from the city, the farm, the bush; cats who can open fridges, sign contracts, and cats-in-drag. They get stuck in strange places and survive amazing ordeals. Some disappear only to return mysteriously; others live on as most treasured memories. They entertain, amuse, frustrate and delight us; they tug at our hearts and offer insight into our lives.

Cat Tales: The Meaning Of Cats In Women's Lives is a delightful collection of writing from women and girls all around the world, accompanied by beautiful photographs of their feline friends.


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‘I have bought it for a loved one. Greater endorsement hath no man.’

Stephen Downes, The Canberra Times

‘Any cat-loving woman will adore this collection of photographs and stories about women and their beloved cats.  Through their cats, we learn about the women, some saved from loneliness and depression, others heartened and comforted by these miraculous animals.’ 

Readings Summer Reading Guide

Cat Tales is delightful.  It is funny, poignant, thoughtful and sad - and is a very good book to own. I would recommend this book for all cat lovers (and maybe even the feline-phobic among us).’

Ruth Wykes, Women Out West

Table of Contents



Section One CATachievers

Lin Van Hek Mrs Black: A True Cat Story 

Diane Fahey Window Cats 

Lorraine Williams Climbing Roofs 

Suzanne Bellamy Burmese Days 

Melinda Tankard Reist The Mother Cats 

June Kant Castaway 

Annabel Fagan Daffodil Goes to the Gym 

Helen Litchfield Two and Two 

Cathie Dunsford Pele Aloha 

Caroline Taylor Tiki: The Tale of a Truly Amazing Cat 

Beryl Fletcher Hecate the Horrible: The Thirteenth Cat 

Section Two CATalogues 

Thelma Solomon Thelma’s Cats 

Susan Wiseheart Losing Familiars 

Bronwyn Whitlocke Eccentrics 

Caz Brown Enlightment from a Cat Born at the Lighthouse 

Susan Hawthorne In the Year of the Cat 

Kate Munro Feline Friends 

Emma Inturatana Rice and Pranee Liamputtong Christie Our Black (and White) Cat 

Bronwyn Winter Cats in Drag and Other Felines 

Cheryl Osborne My Life, My Love, My Art, My Cats 

Alexandra Rees The Family Kittens and Cats 

Barbara Becker, Jan Weate and Sal Hampson From Eric 

Section Three CATastrophes 

Sandy Jeffs The Life of Brian and Badger 

Jan Thorburn Ralphie Boy 

Heather McPherson Angel or Bird? 

Dahlia Levy A Cat’s Best Friend 

Beth Burrows Gestures 

Margaret Young k.d.: The Cat Who Knew Her Place 

Janine Le Couteur Yoshi 

Jill Wilson Cat Burglar 

Coral Hull The Feral Cats 

Dawn Osborne The End of the Cat Door 

Ellen Redding Kaler Attacked Cat —9/11/01 

Lyn McConchie And So Do Cats 

Sandra Schüerle Fussl: A Very Special Cat 

Sheryl Topperwien Paris

Section Four CATalysts 

Evelyn Moseley Gryphon 

Lesley Higgs and Jenny Kelly The Boys 

Liselotte Lässig Cats Leaving Paw Prints on My Heart 

Marilyn Mitchell Giving Life Purr-Puss 

Claire Pickard Allergy 

Conchita Fonseca Orange Biscuit 

Fide Erken Little Cats’ Melody—Kü.ük Kedilerin Melodisi 

Lucy Sussex Monkey 

Anne Quain Gypsy 

Alison Ritter Milk 

Jacqueline Crompton Ottaway Anna 

Karen Atkinson Myfanwy 

Patricia Best The Departure 

Lavender Home is Where My Cat Lives—Or Tabby Consistency 

Deb Doyle Minnie and Me 

Susan Wills A Cat by Any Other Name 

Finola Geraghty Go On Mom—You Can Do It! 

Diane Helliker Serendipity 

Heather Cameron Mother-Cat 

Section Five CATacombs 

Bridget Musters Familiar 

Cath McNaughton Cats Do Go to Heaven 

Maika Greene After 

Terry Wolverton Artistry 

Jo Stavros Pusscat Darling 

Suniti Namjoshi Deaf Eurydice 

Kerry Greenwood Kari 

Margaret Fearn Misty-eyed 

Martha Davidson Annapurna’s Absence 

Lesley Fowler Casting Spells For Cats 

Section Six AristoCATs

Marge Piercy Velvet Prince 

Cathy Saba The Luxury of Cats 

Patricia Sykes Cat, cat and cat 

Di Brown The Man of the House 

Elizabeth Dias Paean for Psyche 

Koa Whittingham Says Woman to Cat 

Kim Mann Olivia 

Ruth Blaikie Zen and the Art of Human Resource Management… 

Aileen Kelly Aubade 

Rose Kizinska Koci Mama (Cat’s Mother) 

Coralie McLean What’s in a Name? 

rebecca anderson familiar 

Nancy Winters Ned 


Photographic Credits 

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