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Main : abuse, human rights, non-fiction, sexual abuse, violence against women

ISBN: 9781925581232
210 x 148 mm
382 pp
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The Pimping of Prostitution: Abolishing the Sex Work Myth
Julie Bindel

This book examines one of the most contested issues facing feminists, human rights activists and governments around the globe – the international sex trade. For decades, the liberal left has been conflicted as to whether ‘sex worker’ activists or abolitionists hold the correct view, and debates are ongoing as to who holds the key to the solutions facing the women and girls involved.

Over the course of two years, Bindel conducted 250 interviews in almost 40 countries, cities and states, travelling around Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and countries in East Africa. Visiting legal brothels all around the world, Bindel got to know pimps, pornographers, survivors of the sex trade, and the women being sold by men classed as ‘business entrepreneurs’. Whilst meeting feminist abolitionists, pro-prostitution campaigners, police and government officials, and the men who pay for sex, Bindel uncovered the lies, mythology and criminal activity that shroud this global trade, and suggests a way forward for the women seeking to abolish the oldest oppression. Informed by the lived human experience of those interviewed, this book will be of great interest to feminists, students, criminal justice advocates, criminologists and human rights activists.
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Julie Bindel is courageous and unrelenting in her advocacy and activism for those involved in the sex trade, and her book - rich in testimonies, scholarship, and her own experience - is a welcome addition to the mounting case against the legalisation of prostitution.

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Pauline Cooper-Ioelu, www.mercatornet.com
The book contains an impressive level of detail that is frequently based on interviews with those directly involved in the sex trade. The Pimping of Prostitution provides a refreshing contrast to the highly conjectural and half-baked assertions that are prominent in much of the existing literature on prostitution. It is a powerful, provocative, and highly original text, which will no doubt add some impetus to the growing abolitionist movement, and may even encourage the less doctrinaire members of the pro-prostitution group to reflect on their position critically. I believe that this book should be widely recommended and made available to students since it would at least help them to develop a more balanced view of these highly contestedissues.
Roger Matthews, Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence
The Pimping of Prostitution is the most comprehensive account of the politics of the sex trade I have ever read. It goes well beyond raging at the crimes perpetrated against women and girls, although there is a great deal of justified rage at the heart of this book. It is a thorough refutation of the myths peddled by the pro-prostitution lobby.
Louise Perry, Feminist Current
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The Pimping of Prostitution

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This book examines one of the most contested issues facing feminists, human rights activists and governments around the...

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