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Main : Asia, history, literary fiction, politics, religion, war

ISBN: 9781925581133
98 pp
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Lady of the Realm
Hoa Pham
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One day there will be peace in Vietnam. But not before more war.

Touched by the Lady of the Realm, Liên dreams of bones and bodies under the sea. The prescient warnings from the Lady weigh heavily on Liên, who is burdened by her inability to save everyone. But she knows that the Lady speaks most to those who listen.

Set against the background of the Vietnam/American war we follow Liên’s path across five decades that are punctuated by endless war and suffering.

Yet even in the most desperate of times, Liên refuses to be ruled by fear and anger and persists in her hope for a peaceful future.

But will hope be enough?
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...Pham has contrived to tell a personal, human story through her character Liên, while also conveying a philosophical attitude to life based on endurance, compassion and most of all hope. A moving, inspiring read.
Sue Terry, Whispering Gums
Although it’s set in Vietnam, tracing many decades of that country’s tragic history, it’s a calm, meditative book which asserts that peace is possible. I liked it very much.
Lady of the Realm can be read on a number of levels. It begins as a rite of passage story with Liên attempting to come to terms with the foresight the Lady has given her and reconcile her feelings about what has happened to her village with Buddhist teachings about compassion. On a broader level, it is an exploration of the choices survivors make in the midst of war and during the upheavals that follow it. There are few villains here—especially not the people smuggler and black marketeer who risks her life to help people who have given up hope to escape by sea to Malaysia.
Lynn Smailes, Pen Melbourne

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Hiếu, Love of Family, South Vietnam, 1962

Upeksha, Love that Goes Beyond all Boundaries, Saigon, 1964

Nghỉa, Love of Country , South Vietnam 1980

Metta, Loving Kindness, South Vietnam, 1991

Maitreya, True Love, South Vietnam, 2007

Karuna, Compassion, Prajna Monastery, South Vietnam 2009





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