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Main : Australia, climate change, fiction, literary

ISBN: 9781742199627
192 pp
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Locust Girl: a lovesong
Merlinda Bobis
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Most everything has dried up: water, the womb, even the love among lovers. Hunger is rife, except across the border. One night, a village is bombed after its men attempt to cross the border. Nine-year old Amedea is buried underground and sleeps to survive. Ten years later, she wakes with a locust embedded in her brow. This political fable is a girl’s magical journey through the border. The border has cut the human heart. Can she repair it with the story of a small life? This is the Locust Girl’s dream, her lovesong—

For those walking to the border for dear life

And those guarding the border for dear life

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Bookwatch Interview with Merlinda Bobis

Shortlisted: 2016 ACT Book of the Year Award
Winner 2016 - Christina Stead Prize for Fiction
Philippine National Book Award for Best Novel in English

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What makes us care? [Merlinda] makes you wonder what it is that moves you so in the story even as you have the space to ask yourself why you are so moved. I loved the blurb written by the novelist Bruce Pascoe on the back cover: “Don’t be lulled by the lusciousness or lured by the love but make sure you are warned by the politics.” Merlinda never lets you sanitize terror but the journey through this book is not only about terror. You come out the other end of the tunnel awed by what it takes for the Locust Girl to emerge.
Distinguished Professor Serene Razack, UCLA
It is no surprise that a dystopian novel about climate change has won the Christina Stead Prize for Fiction in the NSW Premier's Literary Awards.
Susan Wyndham
As Bobis blurs the boundaries between a utopian and a dystopian society, she touches on the social malaise, cultural discomfort, and ecological concerns of our globalised times.
Emily Yu Zong, Australian Women's Book Review

Table of Contents

Once upon a time

Singing: Three years later



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