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ISBN: 9781876756901
215 x 138 mm
161 pp
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Misogyny Re-loaded
Abigail Bray
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Misogyny Re-loaded is an explosive manifesto against the resurgent sexual fascism of the new world order. By exposing the casual acceptance of snuff pornography in ‘gore’ culture through to the framing of rape as slapstick, Abigail Bray links the celebration of sexual sadism to the rise of an authoritarian culture of militarised violence. Arguing that a meaningful collective resistance has been scattered by the mass destruction of genuine social and economic security for ordinary women, Misogyny Re-loaded presents a scathing critique of the political drool of mainstream billionaire-friendly feminism.

Drawing on a wide range of resources from popular culture, literature, economics, psychiatry, psychology, philosophy and environmental science, this book offers a warning about the growing social and environmental threat of an out-of-control military industrial complex.

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Podcast Abigail Bray speaking about her book on 'Feminist Focus' Radio 3CR
Feminist Current Meghan Murphy

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A timely and confronting exposé of misogyny, a contemporary expression of fascism in a most sophisticated and devastating form. Written with sharp intellect and uncompromising prose Abigail Bray’s book deftly critiques oppressive systems from the ‘snuff’ porn industry to work and welfare, and global militarism. The current escalation of violence against women makes this a must-read. 

Dr Mary Lucille Sullivan author of 'Making Sex Work: A Failed Experiment with Legalised Prostitution'
An angry, passionate and polemical book that draws connections between pornography, the pharmaceutical industry, self-help culture and social media to launch an inflammatory attack against patriarchal capitalism. 
Rosalind Gill, Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis, City University London
Misogyny Re-Loaded provides essential analysis on the current social engineering of misogyny and is a wake-up call to women everywhere to take action. It gives readers permission to name misogyny for what it is and what it does. It helps women name the “fascism that has no name” and encourages women to re-engage in collective activism against the forces of male supremacy wreaking havoc everywhere.
Gariné Roubinian, Rain and Thunder: A Radical Feminist Journal of Discussion and Activism

Table of Contents

1.0 The Fascism That Has No Name

1.1 Welcome to the Extermination Camps

1.2 Life that Does Not Deserve to Live

1.3 Room 101

2.0 The New Ageism: Emotional Engineering

2.1 Girl Power: Woman, You Gotta Be a Girl-Child Now!

2.2 The Inner Girl-Child Liberation Front

2.3 Chemical Liberation: The ‘Youthful’ Brain

2.4 From the Fist to the Pill

3.0 Rape Becomes Lulz

3.1 Sexual Violence against Women Is So Funny Right Now

3.2 The Laughter of Fascists

4.0 Arbeit macht frei: Sexing Austerity

4.1 Vernichtung durch Arbeit: Annihilation through Work

4.2 Jaden das Seine: Everyone Gets What She Deserves

5.0 Another World Is Possible: Reversing Barbarism

5.1 Resisting Necropolitics

5.2 To Resist Here so They Can Live Better There




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