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Main : class, community, fiction, history

ISBN: 9781875559619
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198 x 128 mm
261 pp
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The Ballad of Siddy Church
Lin van Hek
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Lin Van Hek writes about the poetry of aunties in a novel that is at once thrilling and filled with the memories of wilful women. When Eadie Wilt disappears during the flood, everyone thinks she has drowned. But Siddy Church's granddaughter has more life to live in a household filled with stories and larger-than-life characters.

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The Ballad of Siddy Church is strong stuff: raw moonshine with a kick to it.’ 

David Eggleton, The Listener (NZ)

Praise be to writer Lin Van Hek, who held the narrative with a strong hand and a lethal eye. The thread is never lost, the movements complete, the skill of a writer who packaged the events of life into poetry.’

Glenn Robbins, Pandora

‘There is a touch of the magic realists in Van Hek’s exuberant use of imagery, a feeling of life itself as both miracle and mystery.’

Lesley Beasley, Canberra Times

Table of Contents

The Poetry of Aunties 1

The Last Days of Rufus 5

Joe Flood’s Sleep 9

The Great Bloody Flood 21

1939 . . . Siddy’s Yarn 34

Cheek-to-Cheek at Mantel’s Cafe 48

The Boulevard of Broken Dreams 58

For Her Least Look 71

During That Time 79

The Sleepout 91

Back Alive 107

A Girl as Loud as the Sky 118

Our Own Sex 128

Secret Hidings and Women’s Business 138

Being Schooled 149

Moving on with the Wordstretcher 158

Eadie Wilt Meets Anna Wesoloski 170

Truly Speak 174

Mr Mott and the Bathing Beauty 181

Legs 189

He Came through the Door

in His Shirt Sleeves . . . Quickly 195

Slags, Bitches, Sluts and More 204

Little Things that Hang Down 211

Was It 1956? When Childhood Ended

and Eadie Wanted to be Jewish 224

Anna’s Box 234

Cry Yourself Blind 249

The Inheritance 256

Earthly Cares Spilling 258

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