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Main : climate change, ecology, food, globalisation, human rights, land, water

ISBN: 9781742198385
216 x 140 mm
400 pp
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Making Peace with the Earth: Beyond Resource, Land and Food Wars
Vandana Shiva

In her new book, Making Peace with the Earth, Sydney Peace Prize recipient Vandana Shiva explores the basis of human life on our planet. She finds that a series of wars have been declared against the Earth: wars about land, water, climate, forests and biodiversity.

In a searing critique of corporate globalisation, she examines the root causes of these wars against the backdrop of the current crisis in food supply. She imagines a world that could be sustainable; a world in which food security, justice and peace are all aligned.

By drawing out the connections between ‘growth’ and free markets, she argues for a future in which human rights and earth rights become central to the creation of a different kind of wealth, one imbued with democracy and justice.

A radical scientist and ecofeminist, and the author of several books published to international acclaim, in Making Peace with the Earth Vandana Shiva offers solutions that hold the promise of freedom and peace.
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All of us who care about the future of Planet Earth must be grateful to Vandana Shiva. Her voice is powerful, and she is not afraid to tackle those corporate giants that are polluting, degrading and ultimately destroying the natural world. 

Jane Goodall, UN Messenger of Peace
This is a powerful, challenging and well-researched book. Shiva’s understanding of ecological principles is extrapolated from the particular to the general.
Marlene Ware, Scoop Review of Books
Not all readers will like or agree with Shiva. Some will believe that it is impossible for us to reshape world values as she advocates. That is all the more reason to read her book. Only by uncovering the true costs of globalization that Shiva describes can we begin to right the problems it is causing.
Me, You, and Books

Table of Contents
PART – I Wars Against the Earth
Ch. 1. Eco-aparthied as War
Ch. 2. The Great Land Grab
Ch. 3. Water Wars and Water Peace
Ch. 4. Climate Wars and Climate Peace
Ch. 5. Forest Wars and Forest Peace
Ch. 6. Synthetic Biology and Biodiversity Wars
PART– II Food Wars: Food Crisis, Food Justice, Food Peace
Ch. 7. Hunger by Design
Ch. 8. Food Wars as Wars Against the Earth
Ch. 9. Hunger via Corporate-Controlled Trade
Ch. 10. Re-Designing the Food System for Sustainability, Food Justice and Food Peace
Beyond Growth: Making Peace with the Earth
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