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Main : arts, history, non-fiction, travel

ISBN: 9781875559275
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215 x 137 mm
891 pp
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Australia For Women: Travel and Culture
Renate Klein, Susan Hawthorne (eds.)

An indispensable book for anyone travelling in Australia who wants to understand how women have contributed to the culture and the history. With contributions from Indigenous writers on land, culture and life and from women who trace their heritage to one of the many waves of migrants over more than 200 years. From landscape to literature, from the history of feminism to women's involvement in film, theatre and the visual arts, from myth to music this book shows a different side of travelling in Australia.

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Translations: German, North America
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Don’t be deceived by the title: this is a book for everyone – female, male, resident and visitor.

Cassie McCullagh, Good Weekend
This is a really interesting volume to dip in to, and it is a very valuable companion to Australian cultural life, breaking out of the Crocodile Dundee, sunbronzed Aussie type of stereotype. And, I think, despite the title, there is much for men in here too!
Amazon Customer
Australia for Women is a guide to both travel and culture, geared toward the female traveler... Written by Australian women, Australia for Women gives outsiders the inside track on a vast and fascinating land.
Amazon Customer
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