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Main : climate change, ecology, human rights, non-fiction

ISBN: 9781876756727
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215 x 140 mm
160 pp
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Soil Not Oil: Climate Change, Peak Oil and Food Insecurity
Vandana Shiva

A must-read for anyone who takes the future of the planet seriously, Soil Not Oil dares us to imagine a world where people matter more than profits.

Vandana Shiva brilliantly reveals what connects humanity's most urgent crises—food insecurity, peak oil, and climate change—and why any attempt to solve one without addressing the others will get us nowhere. Condemning industrial biofuels and agriculture as recipes for ecological and economic disaster, Shiva champions the small independent farm instead. What we need most in a time of changing climates and millions hungry, she argues, are sustainable, biologically diverse farms that are more resistant to disease, drought, and flood.

Bold and visionary, Soil Not Oil calls for a return to sound agricultural principles and a world based on self-organisation, community, and environmental justice.

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'Irrepressible environmentalist Vandana Shiva is back, this time with less of a clarion call and more of a war cry. Soil not oil begins where a flood of recent books also start - how the global crises of peak oil, climate change and rising food prices are symptomatic of humankind's spiritual malaise and both economic and ecological bankruptcy'.

From New Agriculturist: http://www.new-ag.info/09/02/books.php

New Agriculturalist

[Vandana Shiva] is no doubt one of the leaders of this global and important movement ... this book is another example of her long standing contribution - well written, accessible and to be recommended.

Hanne Petersen, Women, Gender & Research

Vandana Shiva's Soil Not Oil: Climate Change, Peak Oil and Food Insecurity is for anyone who takes the future of the planet seriously.

Bookseller & Publisher

Table of Contents

Intro: Triple Crisis, Triple Opportunity
1. Politics of Climate Change
2. Sacred Cow or Sacred Car
3. Food for Cars or People
4. Soil Not Oil
Conclusion: Unleashing Shakti: Our Power to Transform

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