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Main : climate change, ecology, human rights, non-fiction

ISBN: 9781876756246
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Wild Politics: Feminism, Globalisation and Bio/diversity
Susan Hawthorne
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Dominant culture knowledge diminishes the knowledge and understanding of the powerless, and because knowledges of the powerless are regarded with contempt, the powerful are cut off from greater understanding. The powerful suffer from the syndrome of Dominant Culture Stupidities.

Looking for a new way forward, or a different explanation of what is currently happening? Susan Hawthorne challenges the universal endorsement of global western culture with her concept of biodiversity, arguing that biodiversity is a useful metaphor for understanding social, political, and economic relations in the globalised world of the twenty-first century. She provides a visionary outlook and proposes ways forward that emphasise social justice, multiversity and an ecologically-grounded feminist philosophy.


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2002 Australian Book Review, best books
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'I am left with the thought that there can be no great change that is not preceded by grand vision. And this is the ultimate strength of Wild Politics.'

Shira Tarrant, Journal of Intercultural Studies, USA
For anyone concerned with opposing these axes of oppression, the systematic critique presented in Wild Politics is invaluable. The book is written in a fluent and accessible style and offers a substantial bibliography. It is a book of interest not only to scholars but to activists. Because of its accessible synthesis of a vast amount of material concerning global economics, I would particularly recommend it for use in undergraduate women's studies units and in other programs involving feminist and ecofeminist approaches to economics and politics. I would hope that it would also reach other readers who would allow the evidence it offers to challenge and change their views.
Anne Elvey, Research Associate in the Centre for Women's Studies and Gender Research at Monash University
'Wild Politics provides an inspiring antidote … by giving a feminist critique of our present world, an explanation of the structures that enable exploitation and an amazing range of actions by women, peasants, farmers, workers, everywhere who defy the globalization paradigm and connect to our common humanity and natural commons … This is the book I wish I had written myself.' Theresa Wolfwood, Our Paper, Canada

Table of Contents
Tables, Photos, Figures and Cartoons 13
A Feminist Critique of Western Global Culture
Cultural Logic 23
Decolonising Scholarship 26
Biodiversity and Seeds 28
The Seed of Culture 31
Weaving the Strands 33
Defining the Wild 35
The Principle of Diversity
Beginnings 44
Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis 46
Feminism 47
Change 51
Creating Feminist Knowledge 52
Who is the Knower? 58
Standpoint Theory 64
Analysis 65
Synthesis 68
Dissociation 70
Associative Thinking 73
Power and Knowledge: Global Monotony or Local Diversity?
Power 77
The Power of Violence 82
The Power of Reward 87
The Power of Backlash 90
The Power of Obstacles 92
The Power of Systems 93
The Power of Attraction 96
The Power of Attitudes 99
Knowledge 101
Assimilation and Appropriation 103
A Clash of Knowledge Systems 107
Not seeing 111
The Perceptual Gap 112
How Knowledge is Valued 114
Cultural Homogeneity 116
In Defence of Diversity 119
One Global Economy or Diverse Decolonised Economies?
The Logic of Neoclassical Economics 123
How Women Are (ac)Counted 135
Economic Homogeneity and Globalisation 140
Decolonising Economics 149
Feminist Economics 152
Ecological Economics 161
Toward a Wild Economics 167
Land as Relationship and Land as Possession
Land as resource or relationship? 174
Wilderness 174
Land 182
Dealing with Waste 187
"Freeing" the Land, Enclosing the Commons 188
Feminist conceptions of land 191
Indigenous conceptions of land 194
Land as possession 198
Tourism: land and wilderness as commodity 202
Urban land 206
Urban land as wild space 209
Steps to developing a wild politics of land 212
Farming, Fishing and Forestry: from subsistence to terminator technology
Farming in Kenya and Nigeria 217
Forestry in Lithuania, the USA, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka 227
Fishing in the Pacific 239
Digitised and globalised farming: what the future holds 243
The Kyoto Protocol, plantation forests and Terminator Trees 257
Fishing wild fish to feed domesticated fish 262
The commodification of "everything" 267
Women as keepers of ecosystems 268
Production, consumption and work: global and local
Production and disparity 270
Consumption and disparity 274
Work and disparity 276
Global production 280
Global consumption 289
Global work 299
Local production 305
Local consumption 307
Local work 309
Military as gross producer and consumer 316
Conclusion 317
Monocultures and multilateral trade rules
Patents 321
Multilateral trade agreements and the shape of international law 330
Multilateral trade negotations and the convention on biological diversity 332
The World Trade Organisation (WTO) 338
Trade related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) 341
Food security 349
The Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) 353
Traditional Resource Rights (TRRs) and Community Intellectual Rights (CIRs) 358
Human Genome Project (HGP) and Human Genome Diversity Project (HGDP) 360
Conclusion 368
Wild Politics
Wild politics: a vision for the next 40,000 years 376
Abbreviations 391
Bibliography 394
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